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Ark: Asteroid Impact (Kobo eBook)

Ark: Asteroid Impact Cover Image
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Ark: Asteroid Impact is a gripping story about a band of Californians who take refuge and manage to survive the calamitous effects of the collision of a large asteroid with the Earth. The devastating impact shatters civilization and eradicates nearly all forms of plant and animal life on the planet. The book describes in vivid detail the survival struggles and ingenuity of refugees who find themselves marooned in the forbidding, barren, frozen environment that envelops Earth following the colossal impact.

Thomas A Cahill, an imaginative storyteller with a fertile mind, conceived this chilling saga within the context of scientific possibility, based upon the firm foundation of knowledge he amassed during five decades as an eminent physicist and atmospheric scientist. He meticulously researched the likelihood of events described in this book and his first book, titled Annals of the Omega Project – A Trilogy.