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Care Packages and baskets

Spring Basket


Our team has put together the sweetest baskets for your kids. Each one is a little different, but you can expect something like what's pictured here - please include the age and general inerests of your little bunnies in comments.


**may or may not include actual basket - our demand has outpaced our basket supply. We will try our best to make your basket look amazing, nonetheless. Promise.

Price: $45.00

BSC care package


Have a young child in your home who wants to know what life was like during the era of landlines and roller skating rink parties. Follow the original gen-X lady-entrepenuers The Babysitters Club through the first six books housed in a collectable tin. And is one actually a babysitter is they don't carry an emergency stuffy & some art supplies?!

*stuffy will vary. 

**Supply limited.

Price: $55.00

Spring Book Bundle


For our little bunnies we've created this sweet book bundle of two spring themed titles and a lovely little plush friend. Perfect for a little basket add on.


*titles and stuffie will vary, but will be cute cute cute (no substitutions)

Price: $25.00
care package

Nevermore Care Package


Everyone has a person in their lives right now who could use a little empathy, I mean, things these day may feel rather bleak, amirite?! Packages include nihilism soap, journal for writing dark thoughts, Poe's raven finger puppet, magnent to remind the reciever of the futility of things, socks to keep them warm, and a notecard of a cat staring directly into the soul of it's recipient. 

*items may vary from picture

Price: $40.00
care package

Handpicked Cards for Current Distance


Many people are using this time of social distancing to do some old fashion note writing - it's like high school again, only with postage. This set of 9 cards (6 large, 3 small) have been selected particularly for this era. From 'mistakes have been made' to a baby waving through a window and a sad empty yet romantic roll of toilet paper we think you'll really enjoy sending these out to friends, parents, lovers and loved ones.

Price: $30.00

Rainbows Care Package


Set includes four different rainbow themed stickers including puffy and vinyl, rainbow heart pencil stack, and a brightly colored Moleskine notebook. Perfect for anyone looking for a bit of joy in the midst of a storm.


*Notebook and stickers may vary, no substitutions. :)

Price: $30.00
care package
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