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The Hypotenuse: An Illustrated Scientific Parable for Turbulent Times (Paperback)

The Hypotenuse: An Illustrated Scientific Parable for Turbulent Times Cover Image
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An unforeseen pathway to inner and world peace consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ is elucidated in this book. Using universal principles regarding natural turbulence as recently uncovered via the science of complexity, the piece shows how simple notions from modern science allow us to visualize the consequences of personal and collective actions and how such ideas entice us, through reason and faith, to seek harmony and friendship in a condition typified by the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Written in a style that invites reflection and self-discovery, The Hypotenuse uses the format of an illustrated tale, with "people" walking on top of scientific diagrams, to weave concepts and symbols from mathematics, physics, politics, economics, and morals, in an original and unexpected fashion. The work, dedicated to the memory of Pope John Paul II, starts with a "geometric" citation from the gospel of Luke (Lk 3:4-6), followed by a Preface and a Prelude that set the stage for the main text. The narrative is then divided into four main sections: A bit of history, A bit of math, A bit of physics, and A bit of common sense, which are supplemented by a set of notes, by the end of the book, containing pertinent references and additional explanations to the text. Then, the story includes a collection of poems-songs that further weaves the symbols in the parable, a Postlude that emphasizes love as the solution to the evils we all face, and another Biblical quotation that reinforces the message of the parable, this time from the gospel of Matthew (Mt 19:16-24). Comments: "Carlos Puente has an unusual gift for using scientific ideas, amusing sketches and poetic comments to convey spiritual insights in a way that is attractive and eye-catching." Rev. Dr. John C. PolkinghorneAuthor of Belief in God in an Age of Science and The Faith of a Physicist2002 Templeton Prize Winner "Terei de confessar que achei fascinantes as suas propostas, tanto como se tivesse nas minhas m.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781425901745
ISBN-10: 1425901743
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: February 13th, 2006
Pages: 144
Language: English