Author Event - I Can Breathe Clearly Now: Protecting yourself from air pollution with Thomas A. Cahill, Ph.D.

The Avid Reader is happy to welcome local author and physicist Thomas Cahill for a reading, discussion, and signing of his important new publication,“I Can Breathe Clearly Now” on Friday, March 31st starting at 7:30 p.m.

“I Can Breathe Clearly Now: Protecting Yourself From Air Pollution,” lays bare the insidious detrimental health effects caused by numerous sources of air pollution, including diesel exhaust, ultra-fine metals, secondhand tobacco smoke, ozone, Valley fever, wood-burning stoves, and aerosols from radon decay. Each chapter includes a section on how readers can evaluate their specific risk, and practical ways to protect themselves from the pollutant in question.

“I Can Breathe Clearly Now” constitutes the aggregate of Cahill’s original research findings and groundbreaking analyses over the span of his five-decade career as an academic physicist and expert consultant for numerous state and federal government agencies. In the book, Cahill applies the best current science in exploring serious, even lethal, health threats that many air pollution agencies alarmingly ignore. The U.S. government’s 1973 Clean Air Act (CAA), one of the best laws ever passed, is nearly a half-century old and has fallen way behind modern science. Imperiled populations include children who experience cumulative losses in lung function as a result of living in the vicinity of freeways and busy roads choked with stop-and-go traffic, the disastrous impact of playing sports in high ozone conditions, premature heat attacks from brake debris, and lethal fungal diseases from alkaline soils. It also includes a major analysis of global climate change from a scientist who is deeply involved in climate research.

The 242-page book reveals and explores those and other problems associated with air contamination using complex scientific data that Cahill and his colleagues produced through meticulous measurements and analysis. Although the book is written for non-scientists, it contains detailed scientifically valid documentation in numerous tables and figures. The narrative is spiced with humor and previously untold stories, including Cahill’s inadvertent data collection misadventure during which he brought traffic to a standstill on busy Interstate 10 in West Los Angeles. The data he was gathering that day ultimately led to unanticipated new insights about the propagation of toxic lead-contaminated fumes from automotive exhaust. That and other research he conducted also unveiled new information about the volume of very fine and ultra-fine metals that automotive brakes spew into the environment.

Thomas Cahill and his students played a key role in scores of air quality successes, including in mandating automotive catalytic converters in California; prevented a coal-fired power plant from polluting the Grand Canyon; helped save the sea gulls nesting on islands in Mono Lake; and forced unwilling federal agencies to adopt measures to protect workers at the site of the collapsed World Trade Center. Cahill now is tracking Greenland summit site aerosols and climate for the National Science Foundation; the California Department of Justice has commissioned him as a consulting expert for a massive toxic lead and cadmium cleanup in Los Angeles; and he using the techniques in this book to assist the U.S. Embassy in Beijing in protecting air quality in staff apartments. 


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Friday, March 31, 2017 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm
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The Avid Reader
617 2nd St.
Davis, CA 95616
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